Fraport inaugurates new terminal at Varna Airport on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Varna Airport

SOFIA [ ABN NEWS ] — Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, majority-owned by Fraport AG, has officially inaugurated its new passenger terminal at Varna Airport (VAR) in Bulgaria – with operations scheduled to start on August 27. The new terminal will serve all passengers using this gateway to the country’s flourishing Black Sea tourist region. In 2012, VAR welcomed 1.2 million passengers. In tandem with VAR, Fraport Twin Star also manages Burgas Airport (BOJ) farther south on the Black Sea coast.

Fraport AG’s CFO Dr. Matthias Zieschang commented on Varna’s milestone development: “We are very proud of this attractive state-of- the-art terminal. Enhancing Bulgaria’s competitiveness in the global tourism market is essential. We are very committed to being a part of the Bulgarian tourism master plan and are already contributing to this with excellent services and infrastructure at competitive prices to serve the beginning and end-points of the travel chain.”

Fraport Twin Star Management AD’s CEO Aletta von Massenbach explained that “the terminal design strives to maintain the holiday feeling of the passengers during their entire stay at the airport. With almost 20,000 square meters of space for passenger services – about three times the size of the older facilities – the impressive new terminal features spacious areas for arriving and departing passengers; the latest systems for baggage handling, baggage claim, and passenger control channels; attractive shops and restaurants, as well as a large external courtyard.” Developed by renowned designers and architects, VAR’s new terminal combines characteristic elements of Bulgarian architecture and nature, such as the sunflower which is a major plant grown in the fields in the Varna region. The building’s design also allows for easy and flexible expansion.

Over 1,000 people were employed in the design, construction, and installation of systems and equipment for the terminal. Many small and medium-sized Bulgarian companies have been employed in this important project. In addition to the new terminal and related infrastructure, Fraport Twin Star has implemented water and power supply systems, as well as rainwater collection and other facilities at Varna Airport. The project included new apron lighting and expansion of the apron area. Last year, a major renovation of the runway was completed.

Bulgaria offers travelers more than just its famous Black Sea resort beaches. With a history spanning thousands of years, Bulgaria boasts diverse and widespread nature areas, a growing range of year-round activities like skiing, golf, hiking, spa facilities and hot springs, and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other fascinating historic treasures. A candidate for the 2019 European Capital of Culture, Varna is Bulgaria’s third largest city, a business and tourism hub, and a destination for Black Sea cruise ships.


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