STF’s President received an invitation to visit Angola

STF, Joaquim Barbosa, Nelson Manuel Cosme

BRASÍLIA [ ABN NEWS ] – The President of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Chief Justice Joaquim Barbosa, received this Monday (15), from the Ambassador of Angola, an official invitation to visit his country on June of this year. “We bring to Your Excellency, in the name of the President of the Constitutional Court of Angola, an official invitation for the Chief Justice to visit the Country, and contribute by presenting his experience in the Presidency of the Supreme Court and the Court’s experience throughout the democratic process,” affirmed Angola’s Ambassador in Brazil, Nelson Manuel Cosme.

According to the Ambassador, on the scheduled meetings to take place in the end of June, with the presence of Chief Justices from various countries, there will be the possibility of important exchanges of experiences. “It will be possible to discuss a comparative vision of the works developed in face of different democracies, deep down in different stages, some more consolidated than others,” affirmed Nelson Cosme.